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All Stars F.A.Q.

Q. How are the All-Star teams selected?

A.  The All-Star team is made up of approximately 10-12 players from the current Spring Recreation League.  Try-outs are open to any player in their respective age group that has played during the season.  Once tryouts are held, the team is selected based on the All-Star head coaches observations during the season, and at try-outs.  Players are selected based on a combination of skill sets, team fit, and attitude.

Q. Are the players and coaches from the previous year’s team guaranteed a spot on this year’s team?

A. No.  The coaches are volunteers that are reviewed and approved by the ECB Board each season.  Players may have different interests year to year and players will experience skill development at different stages.  This could result in new coaches and players each year.

Q. Will there be multiple all-star teams at each age group?

A. In many years past, ECB has had multiple teams in most age groups.  The number of teams will depend on the number of players interested and coaches available. 

Q. How long does the All-Star season last?

A. Practice can begin once the team is selected.  Tournament play begins Memorial Day weekend and continues through mid-July.  However, during the recreation season practices will be limited.

Q. How often does the All-Star team practice and play games?

A. The team will typically practice no more than 4 times a week once the spring season has ended.  This is determined on a team by team basis.  Most practice two days a week.  Once tournaments begin, practice will be scheduled as available.

Q. What type of tournaments does the team play in?

A. Most tournaments are played locally and guarantee 3 or more games per tournament. The team would be competing against other competitive all-star teams from other parks. The head coach will determine the tournament schedule and format.

Q. How long do the tournaments last?

A. Warm up tournaments usually start on Wednesday or Thursday night and end on Sunday.  You can play in as few as three games or as many as 6 to win the tournament.  In many tournaments the team will play 2 games in the same day on weekends.  Most tournaments are double elimination or pool play followed by single elimination.  This guarantees every team a minimum of 2-3 games per tournament. The District, and State tournaments will start on a Thursday, or Friday  and are double elimination, and often run into the next week (assuming you are still winning)

Q. Where are these tournaments located?

A. Many of the warm-up tournaments will be in Cherokee County.  The District and the State tournaments locations are posted on Dizzy Dean’s website.  The State locations are TBD.  Please check their web sites for up to date information.  Most teams play in tournaments hosted by Training Legends when not playing in Dizzy Dean tournaments.  Training Legends tournaments are hosted throughout the Metro Atlanta area

Q. How much does it cost to play All-Stars?

A. This depend on the amount of money raised by the team, we've have multiple teams have 0 out of pocket cost in the past.  Without any fundraising it could be up to $400

 Q. Why should my child play All-Star baseball?

A. Although the All-Star season only lasts about 2 months, it is an incredibly fun experience and your child will improve tremendously during this time.  Just playing with other kids that are at the same skill level will assist them in progressing significantly in their understanding and love of the game.

Q. If my child makes the team will he/she play each game or do they rotate? (Is there equal play time?)

A. Playing time will be provided to all players throughout the All-Star season.  Most tournaments allow all players to bat and ECB coaches will bat all players when it is an option.  Keep in mind, two or more players will be sitting on the bench and will be rotated in and out during a game.  In addition, ALL positions during All-Stars are critical.  As the All-Star season progresses, the best kids will play primarily at the position(s) that is best for the team.

Q. What if we have a family vacation planned during this time?

A. Assuming it is only a 1-week vacation, we would recommend you still consider playing.  However, it is recommended to check any specific dates with the head coach.


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